Thank you making the second edition of IndiaSocial Summit, 2, 3,4 April 2012, New Delhi, India a success. See you next year :) – Enjoy the pictures on the gallery page and go to IndiaSocial main site for updates.

Summit Themes

We have tried to create a unique learning, sharing and business experience for each participant segment, which include marketers, media owners, agencies, social media practitioners and the community.

The conference is aimed at an evolved audience seeking answers on scaling up presence and moving to the next level in their adoption of social.

  • Social is business

Convinced about the impact of social media on brands and organisations, the need has moved to integrating social into organisation wide processes; looking at scaling up presence, size and spends ; developing long-term strategies and programmes; look at usage and participation beyond marketing; measure impact on brand health, marketing success, sales, efficiencies, collaboration, innovation, customer service; understand influence and influencers; and more.

The conference will focus on helping businesses integrate and scale social.

  • Brands for the future

It is no longer good enough to stay on top of the present as things changing rapidly. Let’s take a look at the future; the future of everything business – the future of brands, of marketing, of content, of media, of insights, of reputation, of commerce

The Experience

We analysed the audience segments that the conference attracts and plan to create a unique experience for each one.

For whom The experience
Media owners, marketers and practitioners Keynotes by global thought leaders
Sponsored sessions
Networking and business opportunities
Advanced practitioners Rigorous master classes by global thought leaders
Community Unconference segment where community members decide the agenda and drive sessions

Memories from the conference